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What You Missed From Last Night's Speech


Here's the speech that we wish the President had given last night -- not about sending more troops to Iraq but rather about more gold stars for our nation's schools. Via The Onion.

Bush Earmarks 1.5B Gold Stars For Education
"Vowing to give the nation's public schools "a much-needed boost," President Bush announced Monday that his 2003 budget proposal would allocate 1.5 billion gold-star stickers for education."

Caption reads: "Bush holds up a Dayton, OH, fourth-grader's gold-star-adorned book report on Ferdinand Magellan."


Forty-six New York City schools have been newly identified as failing under the federal No Child Left Behind law!! based on their students’ performance in the 2005-6 school year, the State Education Department said yesterday.


It is for this reason that TutorVista.com, an online tutoring and test prep company founded in Bangalore, India and brought to the United States in late 2005, is offering free online tutoring sessions to public school students of all ages in America’s top 10 poorest, most rural counties –

1. Starr, TX
2. Ziebach, SD
3. Maverick, TX
4. Loup, NE
5. Zavala, TX
6. Todd, SD
7. Jefferson, MS
8. Grant, NE
9. Zapata, TX
10. Hamilton, FL

“We opened TutorVista in the U.S. because we saw school systems failing America’s poorest rural students, teachers and parents on a number of levels,” explained Krishnan Ganesh, Chairman and Founder of TutorVista.com. “Radical new programs like our online tutoring program are crucial in order to help Americans educate their children and overcome a basic failure of federal, state and local governments to provide educational tools and resources.”

I would like to compare various tutoring sites, such as Tutor-Vista, Vie-Nova, SchoolTrainer Tutoring, Tutor Easy and Tutor Next. Do you have any comparative data on this?

that's a really good question, ganesh -- i have no idea if anyone compares them. you might try eschool news or DA or scholastic administrator for an article, or one of the state reports on SES providers.

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