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AZ Charter Enrolls 29 YO Sex Offender In 7th Grade


As if it isn't bad enough that a 29 year-old sex offender signs up and attends school for a time as a 7th grader, it turns out that he's done this before -- and this time at least chose a charter school.

"Though many parents have publicly praised the Surprise school’s handling of the deception, Mr. Rodreick’s enrollment has raised questions about admissions procedures, which officials at Imagine, one of the state’s largest charter schools, said they were reviewing," according to this NYT article (Posing as a Family, Sex Offenders Stun a Town).

"Arizona, the nation’s fastest-growing state, is a leader in charter school enrollment, with more than 450 schools that account for 8 percent of the state’s total student body. 'He probably thought that a charter school was easier,” said Candace Foth, another parent in Surprise. “It is not really difficult to enroll.'”


According to past reports, they were all charter schools. I assume that's because charters are schools of choice and don't require an address in a certain area. Of course all charters claim to have "long waiting lists," so THAT does raise some questions.

what an idea -- charter school waiting lists filled with over-age sex offenders. so sad it's funny.

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