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Help The Ed Sector Get Rid Of The BiWeekly Update (And Win $35)


Join the campaign to get rid of biweekly emails (so 90's) and maybe even win $35 by entering the Ed Sector's online survey about, among other things, what to do with the their "digest" (Education Sector Needs Your Feedback!). The Sectorans are also contemplating event webcasts (a good idea) and webchats like on EdWeek (sure, why not). Of course, what I really want from the Sector in its second year is to have its abundant commentary and analysis better balanced with its relatively slender list of research and reports.But that's probably just me.


Is a weekly newsletter somehow better? I get a weekly email/newsletter from you.

in my mind at least biweeklies are worse because much of what they include is so dated by the time they're out.

you're so funny.

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