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It's All In Your Head

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It matters much less whether you are a boy or a girl - success or failure can be a matter of how you feel about school and yourself, and almost nothing to do with your actual abilities.

Black Parents Seek to Raise Ambitions WaPo
Tom and Renee Carter joined last year with about 15 families, including the parents of nearly every black male sixth-grader, to push their sons to graduate on time in 2012 with options for the future and without lowering their expectations or test scores along the way. They call it Club 2012.

Researchers: Math anxiety saps working memory needed to do math CNN.com
Math anxiety -- feelings of dread and fear and avoiding math -- can sap the brain's limited amount of working capacity, a resource needed to compute difficult math problems, said Mark Ashcroft, a psychologist at the University of Nevada Los Vegas who studies the problem.

Students' View of Intelligence Can Help Grades NPR
A new study in the scientific journal Child Development shows that if you teach students that their intelligence can grow and increase, they do better in school.

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Black Parents Seek to Raise Amibitions made me want to stand up and shout. I was so pleased and encouraged by this article. As an African-American educator and parent I was happy to see parents taking charge and emanding excellence. My husband and I started a similar group called RISE almost seven years ago here in the Eastern Shore of MD. One lesson I have learned is the importance of networking and collaborating with others who are like minded and can bring fresh ideas and resources to this type of effort. I know for a fact there are many of these type of group and efforts out there and I hope Club 2012 continues on to assist other young men and women. May God Bless this effort.

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