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Just How Right Wing Is USDE Nominee Bill Evers?


bill%20evers.jpgPlenty, according to Mike Klonsky's Small Talk Blog (Straight from Iraq to the DOE).

Evers has been nominated to the USDE, as described here.

Klonsky points out that Evers is from Hoover, was part of Paul Bremer's Provisional Authority in Iraq, and is an enemy of "social justice."


I've known Bill Evers since my freshman year in college, when we both worked on the Stanford Daily. (He was a fifth- or sixth-year senior at the time; I was a fresh young thing.) Evers is not a neocon or an anarcho-capitalist. He is a long-time libertarian who has made education reform his main focus for many years now.

Evers went to Iraq to help recreate the education system after the fall of Saddam Hussein. He wasn't writing press releases. He was driving around to visit schools to make sure the school really existed, deliver payroll to teachers and find out about critical needs (chairs, books, running water). He didn't want Iraq to be fed a trendy "social justice" curriculum by U.S "experts" who didn't have a clue what Iraqis need or want. He thought it was important for Iraqis to take charge of education policy.

If people want to attack Evers for being a libertarian, that's entirely fair. Or if his old Cato buddies want to attack him for not being libertarian enough -- he's very involved in math education not just in school choice -- well, OK. Educators could say that he's a political scientist, not a former K-12 teacher, which is true. But he's not a "right winger."

thanks for that background, joanne --

it's good to hear more about evers, and to get a more specific bead on where he fits. to lefties, libertarian just means more right wing than right wing, but that's not always the case.

if anyone else knows more about evers, i'm sure we'd be happy to know it.

"to lefties, libertarian just means more right wing than right wing"

That's the kind of dangerous ignorace that has led some people to condemn The Shadow University, certainly one of the most important works on higher education reform in many years. It always astonishes me that some supposedly politically-active people are unable to realize that there can be more than two choices in life ("right wing" or "left wing"). They need to spend 30 seconds on the world's smallest political quiz and learn something about diversity.

Joanne sounds like she is still that self-described "fresh young thing" in her ga-ga defense of Evers. Of course Bill Evers is not right-winger, Joanne. He's been hard at work in that left-wing think tank, the Hoover Institution over there at your alma mater. He's part of that left-wing Bush-Cheney team, a "libertarian" Republican who's against taxes for public education, for privatization of public space. Wait a minute. Isn't that what a right-winger is? And maybe you're right Joanne. Maybe Evers wasn't hired to write pro-war propaganda. He probably wrote that stuff in that left-wing National Review after hours, back in the Green Zone while working for Bremer in Iraq. He probably did it for no money and only in his spare time, after a hard day out in humvee, handing out chairs and school books to the Iraqis. And we all know about that "trendy" social-justice crap, being fed to us by those U.S. education "experts". Sounds like just the guy we need as Asst. Sec. of Eduction. I think Joanne Jacobs has drunk the Kool-Aid.

Evers is not a right-winger and the Pope isn't Catholic.

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