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Morning Round-up February 15, 2007

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Schools strive for 'no parent left behind' CSM
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) actually requires schools that need improvement to inform and involve parents in their strategies, but federal and state monitors haven't been paying much attention to that part of the law.

No Child Left Behind? These Kids Just Want to Come in From Cold WaPo
Students share their thoughts with reporters about how they felt when their schools were unable to et them attend because of damages due to weather.

The "Other" Gap EdWeek
Why aren’t educators and policymakers talking about low-achieving Asian-American students, who they are, and what should be done to help them catch up?

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No Child Left Behind? These Kids Just Want to Come in From Cold -

Dear Rodney and Terry,

As a public school teacher for the past 19 years, I want to commend you on taking the risk of speaking out on your plight at your school. I would further encourage you to positively spin your frustration by becoming a teacher yourself. Only those who are passionate about education continue to fight for education. Your passion for your own education is obvious. You dedication in continuing to attend classes despite obstacles, your desire to publicize your plight definitely point to this. I encourage you to find a way to pass that on to future generations. Hang in there, perservere through college. You can continue to make a difference. You have a great head start over most of your peers.

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