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Now Here's A Big Education Idea

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constitution.gifI've been feeling down about the lack of big ideas out there on education -- even bad ones -- but my little Valentine's Day gift from Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) comes in the form of a bill proposing an amendment to the Constitution (yes, that one) that would make access to a quality education a federal, not state by state, right (Library of Congress).

Here's the text -- short and sweet (based on last year's version): "All citizens of the United States shall enjoy the right to a public education of equal high quality. The Congress shall have power to implement this article by appropriate legislation."

Potential impact? Immense. Chances of passage? Slim to none. Mind-expanding ability? Powerful stuff.

1 Comment

What an 'Big Brother' idea! The Fed's have no business in edcation! It seems they feel they have to control America, not what this country is all about.

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