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Obama Panders, Then Pushes, On NCLB

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This weekend in Des Moines, Barack Obama first pandered, then pushed in response to a teachers' question about NCLB, according to this story in the the Des Moines Register. Specifically, he called for more money for the law and for teachers. But then called for more accountability for achievement. Will this candor hurt Obama's chances of winning the nomination?

1 Comment

First, the article probably was not accurate - Obama probably didn't say those words in that particular order - just something to keep in mind.

I do agree that he probably jumped into a conversation that will be a difficult one to resolve (what the unions and teachers will have to give up to get more pay) at a time where no one is at liberty to discuss the issue at length.

Honestly, reading the article, I almost felt like "he knows best" and the teachers didn't...Having an answer for every policy question is good but also I little , and Hillary's version of I want to hear from the voters before devising my plan is a little weak - a middle ground would be nice.

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