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The Decline Of The Blogosphere


More and more, it seems, folks are blogging without reading other blogs first, or just ignoring what they've seen on another site.  This happens to me all the time these days, and it seems especially true of the group or "team" blogs, in which folks dip in and out of the sphere without necessarily keeping up with it.  Not surprisingly, it's frustrating.

For others, however, it might be a perfectly good way to go, assuming their readers aren't reading anyone else, either.  Who's to notice you're posting something that someone else posted hours or days ago?  After all, that's what the newspapers do -- and they rarely give credit, either.

UPDATE: AFT John wonders if I'm being reasonable in the comments section below, and TonNet, a blog that's new to me, suggests that it's all about relationships.



I don't quite understand whether the who-got-their-first rule applies to all posts. For example, you have recent posts on the charter school pervert and the Boston bomb scare. I'm pretty sure someone else wrote those up before you did. I don't see that as a problem.

The teacher incentive fund post is tricky. A reporter pointed out the funding drop to me yesterday. What if I had decided to write about it but had stopped to eat lunch first and hadn't checked your blog in a few hours? Would my write-up be tainted if it came after yours? Why?

There's not much question about your top two posts right now -- ignoring the Onion post -- are (1) your linking of the Kamen labor budget to the education world, and (2) your observations on rising profits in the education industry. They seem completely original. If I see similar thoughts somewhere else tomorrow, I'd expect them to mention your blog.

Is that approximately what you're talking about? These questions may sound more combative than I'm intending. As I've told you offline, I'm a regular reader of your blog and thing it's good. I'm just trying to figure out what you're looking for and see if I can get it to make sense for me.

haha - then again if I only read one newspaper (I know, bad) then I don't notice!

not combative at all, john -- my knowledge is imperfect and my opinion is just that.

however, if i'd seen someone else do the bomb plot or the charter school pervert first, i would have credited them. but i didn't see anything -- can you show me? -- and the folks that have come after either didn't bother checking or didn't care.

it takes all of 5 minutes to check through the blogs -- you're using RSS, right?

I posted the exact same observation just an hour before you... jut kidding.

Seriously... I don't mind multiple posts on the same subject. For one, I get slightly different takes on it, and for two, the amount of people blogging about a certain story gives me a quick snapshot of how relatively important the subject is.

As far as loosing the "first strike", I assume like most things that you win some and you lose some... and it all works out in the end. It's the nature of the blogosphere. If you have something to say, say it.

On January 19, the AP reported on the 29-year-old posing as a 12-year-old. Here it is in the Boston Globe (Many bloggers wrote about it between then and early February, when the Times picked it up. You can see some of those posts by using Google blog search.

And I'm pretty sure I saw the story on CNN in January.

Wonkette wrote about the Boston bomb scare on January 31, and I think I saw it on Daily Kos around that time, too.

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