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What Will Be In Tomorrow's Aspen Institute Report On NCLB? Everything.

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The long-awaited Aspen Institute report on NCLB is coming out tomorrow (Webcast here), but there's no telling if there' going to be anything new or interesting in it compared to everything else that's already been said and laid on the table. Will it break new ground or rehash what most of us already know? My guess is that the report will tend more towards kitchen-sink inclusiveness than depth or focus. More importantly, will it have any impact on the upcoming reauthorization debate -- speeding it up, slowing it down, nudging it this way or that? The Commission will continue to put out reports and admonish Congress through the rest of the year, but few of these reports have much shelf life. Still, there's hoping. A lot of folks have done a lot of work on NCLB, maybe something good will come out of all that thinking.

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This reminds me that since Tommy Thompson has started a presidential exploratory committee - and he co-chaired the Commission on NCLB - he might have some good education policy to offer.

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