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When NCLB Opponents Make You Wince

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Once in a while, Sherman Dorn and I agree about something, and this is one of those times. "There are plenty of ways I can criticize NCLB and its implementation," writes Dorn in this post (Ugly arguments against NCLB), "but to whine that it drains resources for the gifted is one of the more disturbing arguments I've read (and today's story by Joseph Berger isn't the first time it's appeared in the New York Times)."

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May I take this opportunity to suggest
that a classroom for gifted students may
serve as a place where the child can actually LEARN something rather than sit and wish for that to occur while others are instructed at a level surpassed by the gifted child years before. With NCLB pressures so heavily felt, teachers focus on the bottom third of the class, leaving the gifted child to waste away. (my opinion) A gifted class may be as good as the teacher, principal, and parent insist.
A gifted child is no less deserving of growing as a result of appropriate instruction than any other student. I am not seeking anything more for gifted students, just an equal opportunity to learn.

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