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Impressions Of NCLB's Logo

nclb logo old.JPG
ed_gl_nclb_logo new.gifIf this isn't big news, I don't know what is. A couple of kind folks have told me that a recent post from this blog is mentioned in today's Ed Daily (which costs a lot and I can't afford). The mention, "NCLB Rorshach," refers to my cribbed-from-a-friend description of how the USDE's new NCLB logo resembles bloody claw marks, or declining NAEP scores. Old logo on the left, new logo on the right.

I couldn't agree more. Or, it could be a child's drawing of a dragon. (I teach preschool, this comment is based on experience) Shall we go fight it?


...or a devil with its tongue sticking out between red lips...or...?

Or a stapler putting all teachers and all students into one big pack?

you crack me up.

I found this change of logo interesting. As a teacher, I've often felt as if I was "clawing until bloody" to get kids to buy into the whole testing concept. They resist, teachers threaten, cajole, plead, etc. and teach the concepts over and over until the kids get it. I can't help but think they are just learning the tests and not to think independently and make decisions. Is this really what our education institutions are all about?

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