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Morning Round-up March 21, 2007

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'No Child Left Behind' losing steam CSM
Conservative Republicans in the House and Senate introduced bills last week that allow states to opt out of most of the law's requirements, while keeping federal funding. Backers of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) say that move would gut the law.

Fighting Over When Public Should Pay Private Tuition for Disabled NYT
Almost seven million students nationwide receive special-education services, with 71,000 educated in private schools at public expense, according to the United States Department of Education. Usually school districts agree to pay for these services after conceding they cannot provide suitable ones.

Latest data security risk: Copiers eSchool News
As schools take steps to protect the security and integrity of data on their computer networks, experts warn they also should consider securing copiers and scanners that could be used to copy sensitive information.

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The conservatives are gutting the NCLB Act? That is the most exciting news I've heard since my cat's paw healed.
It's okay to let it go. With the death of the NCLB Act it means the coming of the ACWHAL (All Children Will Have A Life) Cut the class size, provide adequate resources, pay teachers well and respect them and we will have taken a major step in the direction of education for all in free public schools. The NCLB Act is not working. It is leaving all schools behind, all students behind and all teachers behind. It is true that many of our schools are failing the standardized tests set before them, but students are not standardized so they often don't respond in standarized ways.
Teachers are trying to make them be standardized, but they can't do it, so they are called bad teachers working in bad schools. There is some hope now that the NCLB Act will not totally destroy everything that is good about education by replacing it with indoctrination of one kind or another.

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