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Sedaris Fabricated Stories, Including About School


david-sedaris.jpgClick here for news about how humorist David Sedaris may have done more than exaggerate his supposedly nonfiction stories, including one about how an elementary school in Raleigh set up a program "cynically designed to identify and cure young homosexuals by erasing their lisps."

Apparently it's not true, and the New Republic published a story about it last week called "This American Lie: A midget guitar teacher, a Macy's elf, and the truth about David Sedaris." Not that The New Republic has always been so great on facts.


oh come on, did anyone really think those stories were true???? He also wrote about a squirrel and a chipmunk falling in love. is there going to be an expose on that, too?

oh no.. and fargo wasn't a true story either? and i've been referencing wikipedia? oh la crappe, oh la shitte!

i have never heard of DS being called a "memoirist" (and not just because that's probably not a word). he's a satirist.

people have been dumping literary fiction and genre fiction for crappy non-fiction and if he tricked someone into reading a story, then good on him.

Get over it folks! If you want facts & nothing but, read David Brinkley. If you want a delightfully twisted version of life that will make you laugh til it hurts, read David Sedaris.

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