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USDE's Kerri Briggs Moves Up -- Again

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Briggs is moving up -- again (President Bush Announces Intent to Nominate Kerri L. Briggs as Assistant Secretary of Education). As per usual, congrats, condolences.

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I have been fighting a battle with an elementry principal. she has run off just about every good teatcher centerfield elementry has. this school is located in crestwood, ky 40014.
but the big problem came when for the past 5 years i have wanted to retain my son from advancing her advice he will catch up well 5th grade came and my battle began again. mrs. morgan informed me that i was not educated enough to make such a decision on my childs education!!! kinda lost it after that and when you have the teachers the parent and the tharapist saying hold him back what is a parent to do? well not much except keep writting letters and hope one day someone will investagate this women. one other thing before i get off my soap box they do special testing in the schools well come to find out they make my child keep taking the test till they get a score that they like can you believe that. letters have been written to everyone from the president,vice,first lady, sec of education and the good ol school board of oldham county still wont meet with me but they will. because my child is not going to be pushed thru thats what school districts that lie should call it instead of no child left behind.
thank you for your time,

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