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What Educators Can Learn From "American Idol"

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According to a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education , there's lots educators can learn about students and evaluating student achievement from watching American Idol -- of all things -- including "a veritable hunger for realistic evaluation," "a respect for expertise," and (this won't surprise anyone) that students are often poor judges of their own ability. Check out the story here (Schooled by 'American Idol'), and Joanne Jacobs' postings on this meme going back more than a year here.

This article points out very vividly that we have raised too many to think that "self-esteem" comes without any effort on their own....just because THEY think that what they have to offer (in the classroom and everywhere else) should be accepted without criticism, their expectations of achievement are skewed beyond any common-sense expectation. Everyone needs to learn that they will be facing criticism all of their lives....and some of it will not be warranted and some of it will be hard to swallow, but, also, much of it will help them to improve if they allow it.

thanks, trudy --
or should i call you "simon"? :-)

Respect for honest evaluation? Really?

Every time a contestant is faulted they say, "that's just your opinion, I know I'm good". Reminds of my days teaching English.

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