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A Global Warming Initiative For AERA

The thing that jumped out at me at the Tuesday panel I did with Stephanie Banchero from the Tribune and former USA Todayer Larry McQuillen is how overwhelmed education reporters are with press releases about studies coming out that day -- useless, pretty much, to her -- and how the difficulty in figuring out what research is solid leads folks like Stephanie to pretty much ignore research altogether. She estimates that she's written just two study-based stories in the past year, she says, and is increasingly using in-house data analysis to put out timely stories on data sets released by the state and others. Read more about this here.

My contributions, such as they were, included the observation that think tank research is pushing out academic research -- and its strategies for reaching reporters (embargoed reports, conference calls, outreach, more concrete language) might be a good model for researchers who want to get the word out. I also pointed out that there are relatively few education researchers who blog about their work, leaving the field to the think tanks and the handful of media-savvy folks we hear from over and over.

Still, the one thought that keeps coming back to me is how powerful it would be if a group of researchers like AERA came out with some consensus findings every year -- like the international group of scientists did about global warming recently -- so that reporters and policymakers didn't have to hash through individual studies on their own. Jack Jennings mentioned something about this during another session I did this morning, which I'll write about soon.


Even for those in agreement with the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming, or for those who merely doubt its human causation, it still remains important to be wary of the certain attempt by financial interests to manipulate or subjugate the issue on behalf of an unstated private agenda. Recently a group of individuals, publishing at GeoKarras.Org have begun to document and reveal the interests, personnel, and finances associated with the Laurie David effort, the film, narrated by Al Gore: “An Inconvenient Truth”.

In various notes, presentations, and media introductions, they show plainly that Laurie David’s environmental activism is waged on behalf of private equity groups with direct financial interests in the regulation of CO2; the stated goal of Laurie David and the Al Gore film she produced. Moreover the consortium associated with the Global Warming Media effort states clearly to its members that the stakes are gigantic, in their words, “a big chunk of 17 trillion dollars”, and they clearly see the employment of CO2 regulation as a means to accelerate the emerging global body politic of globalization. This is exactly what one would expect, the manipulation and subjugation of the idea on behalf of private interests.

In brief, the mechanism of manipulation documented at GeoKarras.Org, reveal Laurie David and her Hollywood cohorts to be associated with fake grass roots efforts funded behind the scenes by members of a European Oil Consortium, or “Transnational Cartel”; to include Anglo-Dutch giants BP and Shell, and their allied multinationals within the United States.

The transnational cartel has also created a parallel policy propaganda organization, “The Alliance for Climate Protection”, which functions as a subsidiary of the larger foreign propaganda front, “The Council on Foreign Relations”, or “CFR”. The Alliance in accounting and functional terms is also subsidiary of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, also a senior institutional associate of the CFR, and NRDC: another fake grass roots environmental front to which Laurie David serves as director.

The lead promoter of “policy” choices on behalf of the cartel is David G. Victor, and his Stanford Research Center on Climate Change. This individual serves simultaneously as lead director of the Global Warming Propaganda activity of the cartel at the CFR, while also pretending to serve as an independent academic researcher at Stanford-his center at Stanford receives subsidies in the area of Climate Change from both BP and Exxon, as well as the Heinz [Teresa Heinz Kerry) foundation.

So there exists a pyramid like structure of fronts and “cut-away” organizations created to disseminate the message of the cartel on this issue-Global regulation of CO2 production, and the trading of CO2 emission credits, so called “Carbon Trading”. Not incidentally both BP and Shell have made extensive preparations and investments in carbon trading.

The sincerity of the effort as an environmental policy is put further into doubt when the outcome of the Kyoto mechanisms; that is taxation primarily of North Americans, and restrictions on North American industry, results in huge indirect subsidies to the exempt industries of China and India, to which the Cartel is closely aligned. This is the subjugation of Global Warming on behalf of a private agenda: de-industrialization of the United States, propulsion of Indo-China into a new industrial and military super-power, restrictions on the economic emergence of developing nations, i.e. Globalization. As these methods of manipulation are not restricted to the area of Global Warming, it is important for all to consider the case study of Laurie David-NRDC, and the cartel, at WWW.GEOKARRAS.ORG

Global Warming is a LIE.

Here is the video that proves it!


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