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Big Stories Of The Day (Friday April 27)

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Well, not so very big...

How to gauge a school's progress Christian Science Monitori
As Congress prepares to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, more educators want new definitions of achievement.

PCs Can Help Kids Pass NCLB Tests US News
Although the lion's share of U.S. schools still prepare students for achievement tests using the traditional paper-and-pen approach, some educators around the country are turning to high-tech programs designed to help students succeed in the testing-heavy educational environment created by the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act.


Dean at M.I.T. Resigns, Ending a 28-Year Lie NYT
The dean of admissions at M.I.T. admitted that she had lied about having an undergraduate degree.

Schools Banning iPods to Beat Cheaters NY Post
Banning baseball caps during tests was obvious - students were writing the answers under the brim. Then, schools started banning cell phones, realizing students could text message the answers to each other. Now, schools across the country are targeting digital media players as a potential cheating device.

1 Comment

I just blogged about the MIT situation.

"The whole story raises a pretty good question: What is the value of a college degree if someone without it was able to rise so high in a competitive school like MIT?

The story certainly lends credence to the theory that college doesn't actually add much academic value (for a lot of careers, not all) and is nothing more than a way to vet for intelligence and perseverance."

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