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Big Stories Of The Day (Monday April 30)

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Hillary Clinton Critical of NCLB Before State Teachers€™ Union EdWeek
Sen. Clinton voted in favor of the No Child Left Behind law in 2001. As a formal presidential candidate since January, she has yet to release any detailed proposals for overhauling the law, which is due for reauthorization this year.

No Child Left Behind foes fear $600M loss AZ Daily Star
Lawmakers agreed Wednesday that while it might be a good idea for Arizona to opt out of mandates required by the No Child Left Behind act, giving up more than half a billion dollars in federal funding is not a good idea.

Reports On School Crimes Are Rare Washington Post
In this era of heightened concern about school safety, few Washington area school systems regularly report school violence.

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First she votes for the war, now while running for president she flip-flops. First she votes for NCLB, now while running for president she flip-flops - again? Can anyone really imagine allowing Slick Willy free run of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as "Ambassador to the World?" Someone better hide the interns.

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