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See You At AERA

It is amazing how much education policy gets made without benefit of education research. It's equally amazing how much coverage schools get that makes equally little use of available research.

For those reasons, I'm extremely interested to see how the two panels I'm going to do at the AERA conference next week in Chicago come out. The first, on Tuesday morning, focuses on how research does -- or doesn't -- get out into the education press, and what could be done to improve that situation (Communicating Your Research With The Media). The second, on Thursday morning, focuses on the interactions of the education research world and the political and policy worlds (From Research to Policy to Practice). In between, I'm going to be wandering around to other panels, schmoozing invites to the fancy receptions, and visiting some real live schools.

If you have a chance, check out the two panels I'm on, and if you happen to see me feel free to come up and say hello.


I recently blogged about this article about Education Research by Robert McClintock.


I loved this line:

"The vast bulk of educational research will have no effect on anything except the process of recruitment, promotion, and tenure in schools of education. It exists for the sole reason that both individual researchers and the institutions that employ them consistently use the research for this purpose."

wow -- scary and hopefully not always true, but not that far off from my experiences in journalism and policymaking.

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