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The Ideal Education Blog -- Multiple Voices, Interacting

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Blogs written by groups rather than individual writers have been all the rage for a little while now -- combining as they do the pleasures of distinct voices with the diversity of multiple perspectives. Perhaps the best example of this has been the two year-old Huffington Post, which includes a wide range of voices, as well as predecessors like Daily Kos. Group blogs have been coming along in education, too, with the AFT Blog, the Quick and The Ed, and the Ravitch/Meier blog.

Now, that trend seems to be accelerating. There's The Pulse, run by District Administration, and now the EduStat blog, run by SchoolNet. Ideally, these blogs will create a sort of community discussion among bloggers that's convenient to readers and lively and pleasurable for everyone. Still, there needs to be more interactivity among the writers, and diversity of perspectives.

1 Comment

"Still, there needs to be more interactivity among the writers, and diversity of perspectives."

I agree. As one of the contributors to the EduStat blog I have to admit to finding it awkward when commenting to other contributor's posts on the blog. While like you, I have felt the need for interactivity, I questioned whether the readership would tire of my voice and opinions so prominently interwoven throughout the site. And I also noticed I was one of the few who were actually commenting to other's posts.

For example, I would love to see a few comments from you- to get a better feel for your perspective on things. I welcome your comments and diverse perspective to my posts. Together, we can model interactivity among the writers and maybe others will follow along.

These are exciting times are they not? No fast rules with citizen journalism through blogs, we are all in constant white water as we figure it all out.

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