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Treating Academics Like Interns

Continuing its excellent AERA coverage, the EducationPR blog chronicles my absurd and irresponsible comments to education researchers on Thursday morning about what it's like to be an academic in the legislative arena (not much fun) and how to get research in front of legislators or their staff in ways that might have some positive impact (Come out of your academic cave �).

What I learned at the session was that the disturbing experience of learning the policy process is not that uncommon -- everyone had a vivid story to tell -- and that some academics think it's easier to influence practice than policy. I also heard that research has improved over the past few years, even if its reputation and ability to influence policy hasn't -- yet?


Absurd and irresponsible? How about candid and thought-provoking. Jeez, this conversation needs not only to continue, but to be ramped up.

Have you seen this article over at the NRO.


"If their work is to command the respect and attention it deserves, serious education scholars need to invest more energy in policing the work that enjoys their imprimatur. So long as it is swamped by sophistic(ated) parentheses and “Creolist perspectives,” it’s going to be an uphill struggle for quality education research to have the impact it seeks or deserves."

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