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Virginia Tech: The First Day Back

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Virginia Tech copes with returning to class CSM
Virginia Tech history professor Woody Farrar is usually able to lecture for hours, but this time he worried about what he would say – if he could even get the words out – when his students returned to his class Monday, a week after the worst shooting in US history took place on campus.

Crime In The Quad US News
While murder on campus is exceedingly rare, its continued occurrence, along with the far more frequent incidence of sexual assault, has only increased calls for heightened security, improved alert systems, and more thorough crime reporting.

Emmanuel professor fired over Virginia Tech lecture Boston Globe
An adjunct professor at Emmanuel College was fired last week following a classroom discussion about the Virginia Tech shootings that included him pointing a marker at some students and saying "pow."

1 Comment

I am deeply saddened by this situation. As a public school teacher this is something we as professionals face on a daily basis. I remember back to the days that I taught in Virginia and of all of my former high school students who went on to attend Virginia Tech and looked forward to receiving a quality education.

I hope that we can put this behind us and continue on in the pursuit of excellence in education.

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