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Virginia Tech Update & Implications

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Some California Schools Close After Threat NYT
The police in Northern California were searching on Thursday for a man who they said was planning an attack that would “make Virginia Tech look mild.”

After Columbine, School Shootings Proliferate US News
The number, frequency, and death toll for shootings at schools has increased dramatically since the attack at Colorado's Columbine High School eight years ago this Friday.

English Department Tried To Intervene HuffPo Trying to balance the freedom needed to be creative against the warning signs of psychosis, as many as eight of his teachers in the last 18 months had formed what one called a "task force" to discuss how to handle him, gathering twice on the subject and frequently communicating among themselves.

NBC Under Fire Over "Exploitative," "Insensitive" Airing Of Gunman Video HuffPo
Families of some of the victims, some law enforcement officials and executives from competing television news organizations have accused NBC of being insensitive or exploitative in the way it presented the materials on the air.

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Virginia tech as and still is my favorit schhol. What kind of persone could possably have such a dark mind. It scares me some times just to think that there are actually more people as sick as that. now, who is this "cho" i herd he was a stalker, loner, mantal persone who had no friends, and now a murderer who kills 32 peop,e in less thana half an hour of maddness.If you don't really cae that much about what happend than put your self in their shoes. imagine if you were in a classroom with about 16 people in it. now imagine that some freak walkes into tat exact room and startes shooting the living hell out of everyone. what would you do? how would you feel? now imagine one of those people who died was your best friend. by now you should have a brandnew oppinion on this masacre. If you think that this was a load of unnesecary violance that was just a nightmare... then you are right on because that is exactly what it is. If you care at all about this masacre then pleas spare a minute of your time just to pray not only for the inistant lives who perished but their family; or maybe their best friends that suffer this emotionaly; or simply just pray for the school to have a good recovery. Thanks and respect the big

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