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Who Should Be On The Reading First Witness List

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Some recommendations for additional or alternative witnesses at next week's RF hearing include Reid Lyon, Margaret Spellings and Susan Neuman, as well as state officials who were pressured by the Department, and providers like Success for All, Cupp Publishers, and Reading Recovery who were left out, according to edbizbuzz (here).

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an anonymous reader sends this in:

The person who should be called for the RF hearing is Beth Ann Bryon. She was the nexus between the WH and Neuman/Lyon/Doherty… She was Spellings’ person/plant in the Department, and she let everyone know about it (she currently works with Sandy Kress). She is also the one whom Neuman responded to and there is a ton of emails between Neuman, Bryon et al re Reading First and Early Reading First… For some reason, Higgins didn’t focus on that and made the world believe that a lower level staffer was completely in charge of a billion dollar a year program that was one of the president’s crown jewels….

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