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Who Is This Man?

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pedro garcia.jpg His name's Pedro Garcia (not "Gonzalez,: as he was once introduced by Senator Jim Sasser), and he is, according to this Nashville Scene article ( Best Foes Forever), the second longest-serving urban superintendent in the nation.

Who knew? Not I. Who's the longest-serving urban supe these days? No idea.

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Metro Schools from middle school onward are completely unbalanced. Few children can fit in the academic magnets and the district sells the non academic schools as the same. There is rampant flight in the district that the district, director and chamber of commerce don't want unveiled just covered by their latest distraction "SSA Standard School Attire" with little hard evidence to suggest it works..

How long can metro continue to sell horse meat as steak? They have been doing it for 30+ years.. it's hard to say

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