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EdCheck.Org -- Fact-Checking All The Spin

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There are two great fac t-check sites out there, but we need a third.

The first, FactCheck.org, is already up and running fact-checking the presidential candidates' claims and ideas. Amazing what those guys try and get away with if they think you're not going to know the difference. For this, the site just won 2 Webby "People's Voice" awards in the categories of politics and government categorie.

And now there's a new site, FactCheckED.org, because kids need access to accurate and unbiased information, too. It lists official sources, expert views, and flags potentially biased and unreliable sources.

The third site -- the one that doesn't quite exist yet but gosh and golly if it did -- is called EdCheck.org, and it does exactly the same thing, only focused on sifting through political and advocacy group spin from an independent and unbiased point of view. Come on, someone -- steal this idea.

1 Comment

That's really funny. How can you get through the spin in education when all but one of the direct sources are right-wing think tanks and spin doctors?

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