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Russo Bullies Vallas

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Never afraid to say what he thinks, know-nothing Alexander Russo calls incoming NOLA superintendent Paul Vallas "a little bit of a bully" in USA Today -- among other things (His challenge: Rebuild New Orleans' schools). Check it out.
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from a reader:

Just a side note about Paul Vallis. He came to Philadelphia to "save the district" and has proceeded to make dramatic, disruptive changes ie turned small elementary schools into over filled, stretched middle schools (mine went from K-5 to K-8) with no middle school supports and smaller and smaller budgets. He and his staff built a gorgous new administrative facily while our buildings crumble around us. They grossly over spent the budget creating cuts in staff, support staff, materials, and professional development opportunities not to mention technology. He has now left us before the end of the school year and the new budgets for next year!
Good Luck New Orleans!

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