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Vallas To Run (Part Of) NOLA School System

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As predicted, Paul Vallas is headed to New Orleans to help turn around the schools there. The contract details aren't out, but apparently he's going to start in July, make less than he did in Philadelphia, and, according to someone close to the negotiations, spend "as much time [in New Orleans] as it takes to make it a success." That last element -- the part-time superintendency -- could be problematic, not only because Vallas doesn't fly. I'm also not entirely clear about what Vallas' role will be with charter schools outside of the RSD system, which have (I think) been monitored in the past by the state. Will Vallas be running all, or just part of the NOLA schools?

1 Comment

How stupid that it is felt necessary to mention the fact that he is white. Everyone is all over the fact when someone mentions the race of another such as if they are black, Latino, etc. What does it matter what color this person is? As long as the job gets done. I think since everyone is "sue-happy" over mention of other races then he there should be some backlash about this comment. How ignorant!!

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