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National (Yawn) Standards (Again)

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The Washington Post editorial page comes out for national standards (Why We Need National Standards) and -- no big surprise -- EdSec Spellings comes out against them (Let the States Set Their Own Standards). Is there any new news here? Not much. Just summertime filler, I guess. All the more irrelevant given the stumbling bumbling efforts of the current Congress (Why Washington Can’t Get Much Done NYT).
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Since the Post has a financial interest tied up with the administration's public school agenda, the Editorial Board will ensure that is gets favorable press, just like it did with the passage of vouchers in Washington, D.C., when Congress took a midnight vote. Most of those opposed to the program were out of town and couldn't get back in enough time to record their votes. This is why D.C. has a voucher program that can't and won't ensure a good education for all children.

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