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NCLB Tutoring: Not Working, Or Just Not Working Miracles?

There's an interesting little cluster of tutoring-related pieces out over the last couple of days, including a relatively fair-minded critique from USA Today's editorial page (Taxpayer-funded tutoring fails), a predictable and unsatisfying defense from EdSec Spellings (Tutoring shows success), and an investigative piece from the Miami Herald (Needy Students Deprived of Tutoring.) I think it's a mistake to expect proof of the program's effectiveness (a problem in all of education, not just tutoring), judge the law based on its goals rather than its accomplishments, and -- especially -- to leave out the state, district, and school-based roles in making or breaking the program.

For a policy perspective between "let's kill it off" and "let's allow it to keep on not working", please listen to the two-part series on SII • The Podcast beginning with: http://www.siiwonline.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=222628

What's your view of online tutoring as a solution?

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