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TAP For TIF: More On Merit Pay Models

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Last week I asked whether the TAP model was ready for prime time, and got a few interesting responses. Still trying to get up to speed, I asked the usual suspects about which merit pay models seemed to work the best and/or dominate the "market" and got some information that might be useful, or not:

For example, there's a December 2006 Center On American Progress report on incentive pay models. There's a Linda Darling-Hammond report that scans the various models (Odden, TAP, etc.) called Recognizing and Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness. And there's a compensation handbook also from earlier this year (Odden). In addition, several folks also noted that TAP has been evaluated, albeit sponsored by them, and found to have positive results -- and that a new more independent study is coming out from Mathematica at some point in the near future. Also, many districts are using TAP for TIF because it includes PD, has career ladders, gives money to nearly everyone, and has essentially been approved by the AFT.

1 Comment

dont subject teachers to programs thatll send them to rehab. niet nyet in russian means no. i am being stalked and watched by the merit pay program crowd neocons and soccer moms.and fear that im doomed. ive seen teachers actually plot bad deeds against reformers. this is one place where hillary and the bush crowd are in bed together without condoms.

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