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Accidents: Yet Another Reason To Get Rid Of Summer Break

As if there we needed any more reasons to get rid of the long summer break, US News reports that summertime is downright dangerous to children, spiking to more than 2.4 million ER visits (and 2100 deaths) each year and that only with increased diligence can injuries be avoided (12 Ways to Childproof Your Summer). Over at Slate.com, they debunk the notion that summer break was invented to follow the agricultural calendar. It was money, folks, that ended summer quarter -- and some strange notions about kids' development (Why do schoolchildren get a three-month summer vacation?).

You know, if we put them in school from 6am - 11.59pm, then let the kids sleep from 12am - 5.59am, and used that schedule every day of the year, we might be able to eliminate accidents altogether.

good idea, matthew --
i like the way you think.

think of all the accidents that would be prevented, not to speak of all the increased spending on schools that would be required.

sort of like NCLB tutoring, only longer, and all year.

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