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More Folks Like NCLB Than Like Their Local Schools, Says New Poll

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It's easy to forget that parents and the public don't necessarily think the same things about NCLB that you do -- and that their feelings about NCLB may actually be better than their feelings about their local schools or schools nationwide.

JoanneJacobs has more evidence of this, citing a new poll showing that 57 percent of the public back reauthorizing No Child Left Behind "as is or with minimal changes." A lot higher than you thought, I bet. But don't worry, the number goes down to 41 percent for current and former teachers, says Jacobs.

That's roughly the same percentage that give their own public schools an A or B -- a figure that drops to 22 percent for public education nationally. So the public likes NCLB more than their local schools, even, and educators like NCLB about the same as their local schools.

NB: The poll was put out by the generally conservative but pro-NCLB Hoover Institute and will be in Education Next magazine sometime soon. Changes in the wording of these poll questions can often affect their outcome -- an analysis I'll leave to others.

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Again, Thank you for the many aspects you covered that have been left out of many articles about the NCLB Act.

Parents who are aware of the new standards that the NCLB Act put in place ( never done by any other administration) for sending funds directly to the local level Title I - Part A schools.
Thank you for sharing why the NCLB Act was such a innovative supportive
change for the literacy needs in the homes of many Title I - Part A children.

This funded mandate was put in place to support the reasonable and necessary expenses of parents and the like when they would attend schools meetings, conferences
and trainings to support their literacy needs as the first teachers to their children. It also covers using the funds to educate all stakeholders about the value of working together as partners. This section is called Parental Involvement. It is located under Title I - Part A subpart one Section 1118 of the NCLB Act.

This is almost an unspoken arena of support that needs to be strengthened when the NCLB Act is reauthorized.

O. Lewis District 299 Chicago
Education Consultant
Title I - Part A & G and Title III of the NCLB Act.

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