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NY Times (and Balto Sun) Break Harry Potter Embargo

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Just like they did with the Center On Education Progress's 2006 report on curriculum narrowing -- only much, much worse -- the NY Times has apparently broken the embargo on reviewing the new Harry Potter book. This is making some folks crazy, including at the Huffington Post, which has all the details -- but no spoilers.

Don't remember the hullabaloo surrounding Sam Dillon's story last year? Read here and here.

1 Comment

OHMYGOSH!! This is far worse than any leak or unauthorized disclosure in our little eduworld. I am racing home to hide our NY Times under the sofa before my anxiously-awaiting-the-next-HarryPotter-book son and his friends find out What Happens. But...oh, wait, I almost forgot - they all have internet access and probably knew two weeks ago.

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