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Obama Advocates Sex Ed For Kindergarteners, Does He?

This latest kerfluffle over Obama's comments about kindergarten sex ed to Planned Parenthood seems to have come and gone, alas, but reveals how easy it is to get in trouble on education issues: Sex ed for kindergarteners 'right thing to do' says Obama ABC News (video here): "Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is "age-appropriate," is "the right thing to do." Meanwhile, Obama Girl and Giuliani Girl are fighting it out on YouTube.

And the critics of Obama need not be saying that he is wrong about his comment, yet just that "age-appropriate" sex education for kindergarteners is no sex education. Obama has said in other words, "Schools should be appropriately educating kids as soon as possible." Age-appropriate education cannot really be wrong... The debate should be the limits of age-appropriate.

My vote for when teachers should start with sex education is age 8 or 9, which would mean 2nd grade.

Age-appropriate sex education is important at every age. Sex is not dirty. Did you ever watch the late, great Mr. Rogers. He taught little children about sex every day, in age appropriate ways and setting. Little kids need to learn about inappropriate touching and stranger danger for example. Avoid that one at your and their peril. When your first grader asks you, "mommy, daddy, where do babies come from?" you don't have to freak out, tape their mouth closed, or have them taken away for some electronic shock therapy. There are great story books and other age-appropriate material for children. Use them. Thanks President Obama for cutting through the b.S. Why are conservatives so defensive about the word "sex"? I wonder. And what's up with your giddyness over the Obama girl? You're like a junior high school kid oogling women.

Obama has no idea what should be done in Education.
Sex Education should not be taught in schools. This should be handled by parents & churches. Not schools business.

I agree with Clyde, and for that matter Obama. "Age appropriate" is the key phrase. In Kindergarten, the most important and relevant information regarding sex education would be about appropriate and inappropriate touching. Perhaps a class relabeled "Safety", that could address the subject of touching (appropriate and inappropriate), stranger danger, 911, seat belts, fire, etc...might be the best route at this age. In kindergarten, any anatomy and "where do babies come from" questions should be taught at home. There has to be a middle ground where parents do not feel overrun, and children can get necessary information.

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