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Racism Watch, Part 2


Folks in Chicago are ripping me a new one for stereotyping Spanish speakers and spreading degrading notions with that post about "Ask A Mexican!" and a follow-up one I did just to fan the flames of immigration reform frustration. Check it out here and here.


I really appreciate your sharing "Ask a Mexican".

There's one sure way to no that a group has assimilated... they can make fun of themselves and make fun of the misconceptions about them.

Ask a Mexican does for Mexican-Americans what Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby did for Black Americans.

Sounds like you're bragging about stereotyping Mexicans. Are you?

That's a disgrace. Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor are examples of a modern day minstrel show. "Ask a Mexican" is the same type of racist propaganda that stereotypes ethnic groups and tries justifies hate. And you often have African American and Hispanic comedians like the ones mentioned doing the bidding of racists.

With African American minstrel shows the two big stereotypes were with the “nigger” a person who acts ignorant, has a limited vocabulary, and is slow and the African man who couldn’t control his emotions and would get violent whenever someone made him unhappy. Keep in mind that Africans were and are now by racists seen as sub human. And if they’re not human they’re animals and if they’re animals they can’t control their emotions and when provoked they get mad and blow up. And when you blow up you get sent to prison. Hence the creation of the Prison Industrial Complex.

It’s a way to justify and make fun of all the brown people and black people that are in prisons.

It’s also closely related to the pick nick or “pick a nigger”. Where racists would lynch a African American or sometimes a Mexican man and have a pick nick. They would also take pictures of the dead and videotape the lynching all while laughing and having a good time. There’s a spectrum to hate and this type of sadistic behavior and yours are on that racist spectrum. Yours doesn’t hurt anyone physically but it helps create and justify more stereotypes of Mexicans.

You’re starting to see those stereotypes aimed towards Mexicans. Mexican Men are romantic and therefore.

Why don't you ask questions about whey there were Americanization schools that tried to stomp out the culture of Mexican Americans during the 1st half of the 20th century? Or the push pull immigration system? Where you pull Mexican immigrants into the country and push them back out by making them illegal because racists feel themselves and superior and don’t want to deal with a inferior culture?

This is part of the Nativist movement that has been giving immigrants a hard time since the founding of the country.

Ben Franklin used to degrade German immigrants in his Philadelphia gazette for the same reason.
He said that they can’t articulate their feelings and they often form street gangs and kill each other, he mentioned that they didn’t want to learn English and only spoke German, etc.

Same with the “I know nothing party” a political group that persecuted Irish, Catholics and other illegal immigrants during the 1800s. Or the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882 and the head tax act two racist laws that targeted Asians as scape goats for a failing economy during the reconstruction era.

I recall hearing Chris Rock recently say that he no longer will do his "niggers vs. black people" riff.

"I’ve never done that joke again, ever, and I probably never will," says Rock. "‘Cause some people that were racist thought they had license to say n-----. So, I’m done with that routine." 60 minutes

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