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Who's In Charge Of What At The Gates Foundation? No One Knows.

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While the Gates Foundation continues to influence education reform near and far (just this week strong-arming the LAUSD school board), no one really seems to have a complete picture of who's who and who does what in their education division these days.

So here's your chance to show off what you know, individually and as a group, by sharing who does what out there and in the states. Phillips? Shelton? Sanford? Bailey? Fleischauer et al at GMMB? Together, maybe we can piece it all together.

1 Comment

Excellent idea, Alexander, to ask stakeholders to give their opinions. I'll be looking at these comments over the next while to see who is really in charge. And then will initiate a similar exercise for the parts of the Foundation that are not education related over at Gates Keepers. http://gateskeepers.civiblog.org

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