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Gone Fishing

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I'm taking a couple of days off, so there's no morning roundup or obscure links to current events for you here right now. I'm sure you'll do fine without me. I tried to get Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton to cover for me, but they were busy. See you Wednesday Thursday!
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When you're back from fishing:

Government monopoly education needs the challenge that school choice will bring - true market competition. Rather than another attempted reform that relies on keeping the monopoly school system in place unchallenged, the data indicates strongly that competition is the best way forward in the 21st century.

A new book from the libertarian Cato Institute gives an overview: "School Choice: The Findings". There has been considerable research on school choice over the last decade, producing a literature filled with controversy and conflicting findings. In the new book, author Dr. Herbert J. Walberg provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis available on the effectiveness of charter schools, private schools, and voucher programs. Dr. Walberg concludes that the consensus of the high-quality international research overwhelmingly favors competition and parental choice in education over the monopoly systems that dominate the United States and many other industrialized countries.

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