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There's A Scandal Going On All Around Me


There's a scandal going on all around me. Or at least that's what Kevin DeRosa at D-Ed Reckoning says (Edweek Spins Reading Research). His post argues that EdWeek's story on the WWC report is way too pro-Reading Recovery, and that the requirements for WWC are substantially different from Reading First. And you think I'm too intense and argumentative sometimes. Check it out. Let me know what you think.


I find it distressing that "too intense and argumentative" is thought to be an appropriate label for thorough criticism - even if one is on the receiving end.

The best part of the D-Ed Reckoning piece is the lone comment at the bottom that says that teachers teach kids -- not textbooks and programs.

Tabor is also right. There's nothing wrong with "thorough criticism." Especially in the blogosphere.

Right or wrong, Alexander, keep up the good work.

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