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Three Lessons From Newark

The shooting of three Newark teenagers against the wall at a local elementary school playground earlier this week doesn't have much to do with education but may have a lot to do with education reform. First, it has put reform-minded Newark mayor Cory Booker on the defensive, potentially disrupting his efforts to revamp the state's largest urban school system. Second, as The Gadfly reminds us, it highlights the utter uselessness of NCLB's unsafe schools option. That's also a timely reminder of what happens when states and districts are allowed to come up with their own definitions (in this case, for "persistently dangerous"). Congressman Miller may say he wants a law that's fair and flexible, but we should all worry about what happens if he gets his wish.

I worry that when my teenager goes to school that he will get pulled into a gang in a threaten way to join.And schools know there are gangs there but are afraid to stop it.Or pretend they have no gangs there.How do we protect are kids anymore when there so much going on.To me its really sad when schools are not safe even churchs are not because there are so many violent people and sex offenders.

hi, patti -- thanks for your comment. does the school do anything to help prevent gangs, or protect children from being intimidated?

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