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California Teachers Go After Pelosi On NCLB


After last Monday's success, The CTA is continuing its effort to make sure that the Miller NCLB draft is slowed down and/or modified substantially with an event in Northern California today (see details below). As before, I'm not sure just how coordinated this is with the national -- as happened with the Katrina vouchers, I'm told. Or perhaps they're playing good cop, bad cop. On strategy, I've noted before that Miller may have overplayed his hand by including TEACH. But it occurs to me also that the unions may have done the same by pushing to expand local assessments and multiple measures, which Miller included in his bill. There's some priority-setting here that I'm not sure makes sense.

Bay Area Teachers to Make ‘Special Delivery’

to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco Thursday

to Protest Reauthorization Proposal for Federal

‘No Child Left Behind Act’

News Conference Includes Lawmakers, Labor Leaders and Giant

CTA Postcard Signed by 1,000 Educators from Across California

SAN FRANCISCO – Bay Area teachers, lawmakers and San Francisco labor leaders will join California Teachers Association Vice President Dean E. Vogel Thursday in presenting a giant CTA postcard signed by 1,000 public school educators to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to protest her support of unfair reauthorization proposals in the federal “No Child Left Behind Act.” They will also deliver a letter from state lawmakers who also oppose the harmful reauthorization language.

The garage door-sized postcard will form the backdrop of a news conference in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco, where Pelosi’s office is located, as part of the 340,000-member CTA’s new campaign urging Congress to vote no on proposed NCLB reauthorization changes. As one of the signers of the letter of opposition by State Senator Carole Migden, D-San Francisco, Senator Leland Yee, Ph.D., D-San Francisco/San Mateo, will outline why many Democrats in the state Legislature signed on to warn Pelosi about the new changes hurting students, teachers and schools by making a bad law worse.

Pelosi supports unfair changes in the reauthorization proposed by U.S. Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, that are the subject of fast-tracked hearings now in Congress. The changes would place even more undue emphasis on test scores, create new sanctions for struggling schools, make it harder to attract and retain teachers, undermine local control, and erode employee rights. Complete information about CTA’s NCLB campaign is available at www.cta.org/issues/esea/.

· WHAT: CTA Vice President Dean E. Vogel, Bay Area teachers, lawmakers and labor leaders to hold news conference protesting Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s support of proposed reauthorization changes in the federal “No Child Left Behind Act” that hurt students, educators and schools.

· WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 20.

· WHERE: In front of Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, 94102.

· VISUALS: Giant postcard to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed by 1,000 California teachers.


The 340,000-member California Teachers Association is affiliated with the 3.2 million-member National Education Association.


The real question here is what the CTA is willing to agree to:

Will the CTA sign off on a system that sets clear, objective, and
stringent criteria for members of its profession that ensures that
they have the education, experience, and ongoing support they need to
enter and succeed in the classroom? Many teachers will tell you that
here is no such system now.

WIll this set of criteria reflect the fact that how well children do
in school will have lifelong effects for them and for our society?

Will the CTA support and protect a transparent reporting system that
identifies areas in need of improvement and targets intervention
efforts proportionate to the severity of the problem? (Hint: infant
mortality rates are reported separately from the speed of discharge
for birthing mothers. Hint: doctors whose patients have health-
threatening outcomes and whose methods do not meet professional
standards are reviewed by medical boards. Hospitals where there are
outbreaks of sickness or death are investigated by medical commissions).

Will the CTA agree to a system under which its members are
compensated commensurate with their skills, market demand, and
societal needs? (Hint: emergency room nurses, for example, often get
paid more than nurses who work in other areas of the hospital. Hint:
nurses who work the "graveyard" i.e, overnight, shift often get a pay
differential incentive over and above the salary for those who work
the more desirable day shifts).

Will the CTA agree to a merit pay system for its members as other
workers, including union workers, do? A system that rewards success
tied to clear and discernible outcomes?

And last, but not least: who will ask CTA these questions? And when
does CTA plan to give an unequivocal answer that they can stick to
for any length of time?

Should dentist be punished for helping out patients with poor oral hygiene? Yes, if you measure or compare their patient's teeth to patients teeth in an upscale neighborhood with good oral hygiene habits.
Does this sound absurd? Not to Bush and his reality crew who enforce the NCLB.
Yes, I want the people with poor oral hygeine to have perfect teeth, but is this realistic? I want all Iraqis and Iranians to be free thinkers with a fully democratic government, but will they ever give up their monotheistic form of government by force? No, they must protect themselves when confronted with force.HOW ARE WE GOING TO SHOW THEM HOW TO GOVERN WHEN WE CAN'T EVEN TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE? WE HAVE A MOCK FORM OF DEMOCRACY THAT IS USED BY THE HAVES TO ENSLAVE THE HAVE NOTS. PRESIDENTS LIKE BUSH SEE TO THAT VERY WELL. THEY LIKE TO BALANCE THE POWER TO THEIR ADVANTAGE. TAKING OVER SCHOOLS WITH THE NCLB IS THE MASK OF PRIVATIZATION. Educators are gaining too much power and using too much money, and the haves do not want to pay for it.
The Nazis wanted everyone in their crew to have blond hair and blue eyes. So let's all dye our hair blond and wear blue contacts out of fear. Fearmongering doesn't work! Every school from top to bottom hate and fear this law. They have cut many programs including science to teach to the test.THEY TEACH TO THE TEST! IT DOESN'T HELP KIDS IT HELPS TEST SCORES! Teaching to the test will raise scores, but kids hate it and are bored. They are getting into other things besides education, some very destructive things. At this time in our history, it is very short sighted to reduce schools to this bottom line mentality when schools are the only safe haven for many of our youth.
What message are we sending in public education? Hide your weakness, the process doesn't matter, only the bottom line DOES! BOTTOM LINE THINKERS LIKE THE ONES RUNNING THIS COUNTRY ARE BOTTOM FEEDERS! They want to put an easy bottom line answer on the problem and close the books. They don't want to look at all of the other social issues negatively affecting education-like too many VIOLENT AND SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PROGRAMS, UNHEALTHY FOOD, DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE, PARENTS TOO WORRIED ABOUT SICK KIDS WITHOUT HEALTH BENEFITS, ABANDONED DISASTER VICTIMS, VIOLENT AND INTIMIDATING SCHOOLS WITHOUT NURSES AND COUNSELORS,TOO MANY prisons and not enough educational instutions of all kinds. Kids and educators are failing these test because we are all weakened inside from a flawed society. We have been rejecting Americans in our schools long enough and now the whole system is being rejected and labeled a failure. Maybe it's a sign of a collasping nation? Our system does not nurture our people-it penalizes them for being weak, after we weaken them.
We need to make them strong and free thinking. Punishing us makes us weak, fearful, and submissive to lame dictators. Americans are supposed to resist tyranny and think freely.
We need to boycott these tests in the biggest way. Massive failure on these tests will send these "heads of state" a "heads up" message on what we think of this policy-quit trying to intimidate us! MLK boycotted unfair busing laws. The bigger problem then wasn't just the bus laws, it was like a huge hidden iceberg being exposed-lack of equal opportunities for minorities and the have nots, and this same problem is having attention redirected away from it to the "dummy" test scores. Low test scores are only a symtom of a much bigger problem. Anyway, what opportunities are there for people passing these tests? College in a state school that leads to an overtaxed job in the jaded middle class with high interest loans to pay? Without medical benefits and ever increasing limitations on medical benefits and retirement benefits? We are exposed to several flu viruses and microbe, Don't we deserve alittle protection? They need to take their hands off of education because THE FOX IS NOT SUPPOSED TO GUARD THE CHICKEN COOP! Come to think of it, they need to fix the real problems or take their hands and pray for forgiveness and help! Everything they touch ends up in their pockets or on the junk pile, like many of our human race, and nations affected by their flawed foreign policies. It is time for a new revolution! Quit worrying about losing your job, be a hero, and take back this country with able hands. The hands running it now have failed and are only making it worse.

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