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"Childrens Do Learn," Says President In Latest Education-Related "Bushism"

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The Washington Post would probably not have written about the Bush education event today in New York if Bush hadn't yet again mangled the English language. During the event, he reportedly said "Childrens do learn" -- a reworking of his famous 2002 Bushism "is our children learning?" ( No Child Left Behind Is Working). Via Eduwonk.
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Our president is obviously a special ed kid LD/EBD. This does not mean he is slow it just means he needs to write things down and practice before he speaks. You know Reagan never would give an off the cuff talk. Everything he said was scripted. But Bush has a little ADHD to go with his dysarthria and so he forgets tht he cannot talk.

He is so classic. I would bet Laura has to sit him down every night and go over what he has to say the next day. Unfortunately people like him also have poor judgement and are easily lead. This president on a personal level is a sweet man, but as a politician, he has certainly screwed things up.

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