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Lazy Teacher Meant To Show Star Wars, Showed Porn Instead

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According to this Fox News story, a group of 5th graders who were supposed to be viewing a Star Wars DVD instead got an eyeful of porn (here). They're still trying to figure out how it happened, though apparently (see coloring book image) there's lots of Star Wars porn for kids laying around. Me, I'm wondering how showing the movie got into the lesson plan in the first place. I'm a hard-ass that way, I guess.
1 Comment

I say that it is unaccepable for this teacher to keep teaching after innocent 5th graders seeing what they did. There is no excuse for it. I don't care if it was an accident, it's still wrong. I'm 15 and I don't even veiw that kind of "crap"! It's clearly not right. And personally I think this teacher should be charged for child melestation. After all, isn't showing sex somehow the same as commiting it?

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