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Labor Day Roundup: Back To School


Tips for starting the school year rightChristian Science Monitor
Veteran teacher and author Coleen Fitzpatrick has advice for teachers and parents.

Record Enrollment Is Projected, But Trend VariesEdWeek
Schools in the West and the South will receive more students, while schools in the Midwest and the Northeast will experience a decline. PIC

Trials and Tribulations of the New School YearCarnival Of Education
Mrs. Bluebird spent a chunk of her third full day of school outside the building. Fire drill? Nope, real emergency.


The link to the Carnival of Education is invalid. An invalid URL on my domain redirects to the main page, so any interested readers should click the sidebar link to the Carnival of Education to view Mrs. Bluebird's post [and the rest, all of which are excellent reads].

Alternatively, readers can click here: http://tinyurl.com/26lglc


Back to School and Forward to Learning Help at Home

Back to school in the UK, amidst the controversy of children’s performance gradually slipping down in maths and literacy despite £ 21 billions spent on the programme to improve things. By Alistair Owens

We have to accept the status quo within our schooling system as a leviathan that will struggle to change course easily. As parents how then do we handle the probability of our children passing through the whole system before any modification can take effect? Falling standards, compares to a football team slipping down a league, requires immense effort to recover.

If children are behind as they enter the critical move to secondary school, it can be devastating to see the numbers that switch off during this transition. If it was easy to find an answer we would be out of the woods long ago, but if a 21 billion investment has failed we cannot expect the solution to prompt or entirely school driven.

Literacy and numeracy skills benefit from a high degree of practice and repetition. This can be dull and boring or entertaining and fun depending on the approach. Parents taking a lead at home can now support their child through the range of educational games – used in school, that can pay dividends through additional practice at home.

Function Well Maths games to practice multiplication and division, and English games to practice say grammar and proof reading skills have opened the door to a hidden army of parents. Taking a more constructive role in supporting their children can lead to a significant boost in performance in school and a desire to learn more.

Alistair Owens

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