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Andy Rotherham's Tony Soprano Moment

So I got a phone call today from Andy. It wasn't social. He said things would "get ugly" if I wrote more about his brief stint at the White House (as I have in the past). And he wasn't just talking about writing a nasty blog post. He said he'd try and get me fired from EdWeek and blacklisted from other writing projects. Who knows -- he might succeed. The guy knows a lot of people. And not everything I've worked on has been 100 percent successful. (Most especially an ill-fated charter schools report I did for Andy at PPI.) Funny thing is, I was thinking about taking the day off writing about him before I got the call. He's not fun to spar with like he used to be. After that, however, I didn't really have a choice.

Regardless of what happened in the conversation, you've taken the petty, unprofessional route by posting this message.

I've commented before on the childish poking and prodding which, though bizarre, isn't terribly harmful. Styling a blog as a third-rate, teenage combination of Wonkette and the average Huffington Post commenter doesn't mix well with education, but going in that direction is entirely within your [and EdWeek's] rights.

I have never spoken with Mr. Rotherham or dealt with him professionally, but I have to assume that there were other ways to deal with this issue. That you chose to exacerbate and inflame the problem instead of solving it - a commitment that would require more purpose and less vanity - reflects the tone of this blog.

It's unfortunate. When you're not taking potshots that few people understand and even fewer people care about, you relay some news worth reading [especially on the NCLB side, it's coverage I appreciate].

I do hope this is the end of the pettiness. Issues in education are far bigger and far more important than the individual personalities involved.

Weird.. I don't see 'livejournal' in the URL...

I'm thinking a Chris Crocker-esque "Leave Andy Alone" video would be a perfect icebreaker here. I'll get right on it.

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