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I blog about them, even though they never blog about me...EIA notes that public education employees now number 10.3 million (3rd behind health care and service industries), including 2.4 million state education employees. And they say SEAs are understaffed. Over at Early Learning, Richard Lee Colvin says "This blogging business is harder than it looks." Amen to that. Then Colvin goes on to say -- no surprise given his sponsor -- that UPK is going strong. Kevin Carey joins a small but merry band of folks who didn't like Linda Perlstein's new book, Tested. Any pub is good pub. There's a Latino version of Brown, says Dana Goldstein at TAPPED. Who knew? Charlie Barone's new blog, Swift And Changeable, takes on the Miller-CTA debate. I interviewed him yesterday (see below) and got some background on the history of this relationship. The Hoff wraps up on the Rose Garden speech from yesterday, with some excellent personal tidbits.

Blogging about you...

You got Quote of the Week for the Barone interview! Much better than a mere blog entry!

thanks, mike -- i hadn't seen this for some reason. much appreciated.

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