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Bringing Race (and Poverty) Back Into Education Reporting

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There aren't many reporters covering the race or poverty beat these days, much less the family beat that LynNell Hancock advocated in a HotSeat interview last year. So I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Jonathan Tilove (pictured), who writes about race for the 26 papers that make up the Newhouse News group. What happens in school is a fascinating and complex topic, to be sure, but if you add race, poverty, and all the rest in there you have a much more complete picture. Writes like Kate Boo, Stephanie Banchero, and others get that, and it makes their writing all the more powerful. Click here to see some of Tilove's writing.
1 Comment

Indeed - and I'd also like to see more people paying attention to some of the excellent, important academic work that's being done on race and poverty.

There are too many sensible people out there who have too small an audience.

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