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Kennedy Playing Tough On NCLB

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Wondering when Ted Kennedy (pictured, file photo) was going to get a word in on this whole NCLB mess? Well, today was the day -- but it wasn't warm and fuzzy like the White House or the NCLB supporters wanted. Said Kennedy (via a press release):

“It’s regrettable that the Bush Administration has made the renewal of the No Child Left Behind school reform law far more difficult by its failure to fully fund and implement it. The President is right that we must continue to hold schools accountable for results. But over the past five years of working with this law, we have learned more about what works and what does not work and we should take those lessons into account. While we press forward with school reform, practical changes to the law are needed to ensure that we do not lag in our commitment to helping every parent, teacher and child succeed.”

So he wants more money, plus a new law that takes the past five years "lessons" into account, plus other "practical" changes. Sounds like he's not so excited about the Secretary's ideas, or the Miller proposal. Setting things up for a Kennedy bill, no doubt.

1 Comment

While I'm glad to see some challenges to the NCLB laws, I think that arguing over the dollars and implementation is missing the key issue. The politicians involved in this need to bring in ACTIVE educators from around the country to be involved in the decision-making process. To me, the answer is not to throw more money at it (though that would help), or to have politicians decide how best to implement policies that affect the day-to-day operations of a school. Let the educators come up with a plan that will work and let the politicians figure out a way to pay for it.

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