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Local Union Leader Seeks To Sue Education Blogger


You know you've really arrived as a blogger (or are going to hell for being a bad person) when someone wants to find out who you are and sue you for libel. That's what's happening in one Oregon district, where, according to EIA Mike, the local union president is so disgusted and upset by what's being said about her that she's trying to force Google to reveal the blogger's identity so that he or she can be sued.


That's really too bad. I wish more people had the freedom to blog using their real names, but I understand fully the need for anonymity and a fear of retaliation in certain cases.

This doesn't seem like a particularly good way for the union president to address criticism.

I assume the union president is a public figure for the limited purposes of education issues. If so, it's seems unlikely her complaint will go anywhere productive. Some people believe it's about the issues. Others seem to think it's about the fight.

I can't imagine blogging openly while still employed by a public school district.

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